About Us

Mission Statement

Evergreen Direct is a registered investment advisor providing wealth management services to individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, corporations, and other business entities. We are unique in that we seek to balance the risk and return through broad asset allocation. Our  goal is to provide consistent positive investment returns, with individualized service with competitive fees.

Why Evergreen Direct

What sets us apart from other financial firms? We listen closely and take the time to understand your complete financial picture – your cash and liabilities, protection, investments, and taxes. Through our personal approach to financial planning and advice, we can help you bring your dreams and goals to life. Not all financial companies are the same. When you’re seeking financial advice, it’s worthwhile to take a step back in order to evaluate what’s available, your financial needs and your preferences. After all, the financial services firm you choose is a big decision.


The firm’s success has been based on it’s ability to: Maintain its independence Generate favourable long-term investment returns instill trust in clients, Provide exceptional client services, Develop talented professionals with an understanding of the Firm’s Investment philosophy and culture, and establish a compliance mandate reflected by an impressive long-term legal and regulatory record. We remain committed to preserving and increasing the value of portfolios by carefully helping our clients identify and determine their investment goals, thoroughly researching investment ideas focusing on long-term opportunities, and staying within our circle of competence. Our fundamental approach to investigating has remained consistent since the firm was founded nearly five decades ago. We utilize a value-oriented approach looking at qualitative and quantitative factors as we analyze publicly-traded equities with the intent of holding them for the longest term. We believe that the preservation of our clients’ capital is our highest priority. In pursuit of long-term appreciation, we believe that managing risk – avoiding permanent losses of capital – is the critical factor contributing to long-term success. We are patient, fundamental, research-focused investors Our portfolio managers generally use a risk-averse, value-oriented investment approach, seeking to identify companies with good businesses, proven profitability, strong balance sheets, a consistent record, conservative accounting, and managements devoted to increasing shareholder value. A company’s ability to generate and efficiently utilize cash to maintain or expand its business is an important determinant in our portfolio selection process. Our in-house Research Department Identifies companies that we can own over a multi-year period. We prefer to buy these companies at prices that represent a margin of safety – the equivalent of a sizeable discount to what we believe the value of the company is today. Our risk-averse investment process has helped us generate favourable long-term investment returns while generally taking less risk than overall market.