Compare Financial Planning and Advice

Many firms offer some type of of financial advice, but it’s important to be clear on what you are looking for as compared to what the firm provides. Often, firms offer advice that focuses only on your investment portfolio and don’t take into consideration other aspects of your financial life such as cash and liabilities, protection and taxes.

Compare Investments and Other Products and Services

Most financial firms offer access to a wide range of investments, products, and services. Some offer accounts as a la carte solutions that you open yourself. Evergreen Direct generally offers products and services through a financial adviser. Our advisers can recommend the appropriate mix of products and solutions for each individual client’s needs and help clients make informed decisions.

Compare Financial Professionals

Financial professionals may be called financial advisers, financial planners, stock brokers, investment professionals and licensed representatives and so on, depending on the firm. Sometimes, financial planners work on a team or with a pool of other representatives in a call center. Not all financial professionals provide the same services