What We Do

At Evergreen Direct, we help our clients achieve desired outcomes through clear, independent, and comprehensive advice. By engaging each client with the full benefit of our firm’s intellectual resources, we deliver high value advice through integrated thinking, teeming with unconventional acuity, and conventional wisdom.

Institutional Services

  • Fiduciary Advisory Services
  • Investment Advisory
  • Provider Analysis
  • Non-qualified Advisory Services
  • Executive Financial Planning
  • Participant Education & Advice

Evergreen Direct advices institutional investors on sound fiduciary practices. We take time to educate fiduciaries on their responsibilities and help them to place best practices to help fiduciaries successfully manage the list of ever-evolving obligations. Evergreen Direct is a fiduciary company specifically designed to assist Plan Sponsors in the administration of their responsibilities. Evergreen Direct stores vital investment and/or plan information in one easily accessible and secure location, enabling clients to review service activity and access plan documents in real time.

Investment Advisory Services

  • Plan-Level Advice
  • Investment Menu Development
  • Ongoing Investment Due Diligence

Our in-house analyst team utilizes a proprietary scoring system to benchmark investment managers; and our disciplined approach to investment manager search, selection and monitoring ensures sound fiduciary practices are followed. We will document the process and negotiate with vendors to improve the investment options and cost structures.

Private Wealth Services

  • Financial & Estate Planning
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Holdings Evaluation
  • Trust Services
  • Cashless Stock Options
  • Manager Search & Selection
  • Composite Reporting

Executive and Affluent Individuals

Our comprehensive and Private Wealth services are designed to help you grow and protect your financial assets. At Evergreen Direct, we focus on the influence of globalization on the industries and corporations of the world and on our specific region. Globalization – the competition and collaboration between international industries, the far-reaching effects of technology and production processes, the ever-increasing “flattening”of the world – is the most important driving force upon the world’s economies, and at Evergreen Direct, we strive to understand the effects these trends are having on national and international markets. Evergreen Direct specializes in the research and analysis of companies recommended for client portfolios. Evergreen Direct’s strategy is to find securities of issuers that are developing strong fundamentals. Our research analysis investigates company sales and earnings, cash flow, balance sheet strength, new products, and performance, tax advantages, and appreciation. Accounts may include, for example, dividend-paying stocks, concentrated selection of securities from a diverse group of industries. Since we are an independent firm, we pride ourselves on investment research that is free of the pressures to please large corporate clients.